Corporate Branding

What is Branding??

Well.. there are various ways to get your logo onto your chosen product. Depending on the product, it can be embroidered, laser engraved, pad printed, silk screened, or a resin dome sticker can be attached.
Just remember… costs are volume based, and may be dependant on the amount of colours to be printed.

You will see a Setup charge on your quotes.

Now what does that entail? Well… to set up a silkscreen machine for a 1 colour print we will need the following:

  1. A Posi. This is a printed version of your logo that is printed on a special paper.
  2. A Screen. This is what goes into the machine. The ink goes onto the screen before it gets transferred to your product.
  3. Machine Setup. To set up for a 1 colour print can take as long as an hour or two. Now imagine how long it may take for a 5 colour print.

The point is…. quality takes time. Please do not have expectations of placing the order this morning, and collecting the branded goods this afternoon.++